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Atlas CLI

The MongoDB Atlas Command Line Interface, or Atlas CLI (mongodb-atlas-cli), allows you to create, manage, and automate operations related to your MongoDB Atlas deployment. This includes tasks like provisioning clusters, creating and deleting users, and controlling network access. You can also access related products like Atlas Search. With the Atlas CLI, you can quickly interact with MongoDB services from the command line for easier testing and scripting.

You can install the Atlas CLI via, Homebrew, Apt, Yum, or a binary download. Help us improve the MongoDB Atlas CLI by posting your ideas and suggestions for improvements.

To report bugs, please use our mongodbcli github issues.

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  1. No sufficient instructions

    Please improve tutorials. This page ( is no sufficient.

    PS C:\ivo\projects\nest1> docker pull mongodb/atlas
    PS C:\ivo\projects\nest1> docker run --env-file atlas.env --rm -it mongodb/atlas bash
    [root@9bd3eed47f2d /]#
    [root@9bd3eed47f2d /]# show dbs
    bash: show: command not found
    [root@9bd3eed47f2d /]# mongo
    bash: mongo: command not found
    [root@9bd3eed47f2d /]#

    Please write more perfect and working tutorial for it.

    Second problem is docker's mongo-express ( I've windows' Docker Desctop and the mongo-express doesn't simply work. Please improve it if it's yours, and make possible good instructions for it.

    For example i use with docker-compose.yml:

    version: "3.8"

    #image: mongo:5.0.6-focal…

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    Hi Ivo,

    Thank you for bringing up this feedback!

    To better assist you, could you please provide a link to the specific documentation you believe requires improvements for the Atlas CLI Docker image (mongodb/atlas)? This would help us pinpoint the exact areas that need attention.

    Additionally, it appears that you are attempting to execute MongoDB Shell database commands, but it's important to note that this Docker image is designed for MongoDB Atlas, a cloud service for managing MongoDB deployments in the Cloud. To access a list of available commands, you can run "atlas --help" after entering the bash, as demonstrated in your example. Clarifying this distinction in the documentation is crucial, and we appreciate you pointing it out.

    If you have any other suggestions or specific areas you feel need enhancement in the documentation, please feel free to share them. Your input is valuable, and we want to ensure the…

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